One Kidney and a Full Trip of Inspiration

27 Mar

The sun still flashes a little light at the edge of the horizon. The light is faint as if reluctant to return to the scene. Dusk is indeed charming but he is the marker of the day that will end. Slowly the light disappeared and left a dim light which immediately darkened the night. Dusk is the end, but dusk that day is the beginning of a new round of life for a child who gets a sincere love from a father.

When mothers give birth to their children to the world, that’s when their love is tested. He risked his life for a new life that came from his womb. Then father, who is pet and helped raise up will be a hero throughout the life of the child. But being a protector and family hero is not enough for Themotius Sudiro. His love is also tested by betting his life when his child is diagnosed with kidney failure and must have kidney transplant surgery. The man born in 1938 gave one of his kidneys, he bet his life for the survival of his daughter.

The night before the operation took place, Sudiro went to the room where his daughter had been treated for four days, an isolation room in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Wearing special clothes and headgear He sat in front of his daughter. He stared intently at the two eyes that began to glaze over, the same eyes as the tiny baby’s eyes in his arms twenty years ago. The eyes of the girl he named Ary Krisnawati.

Silence was a pause between two people who were emitting emotions. Only the two of them, a girl with her first love. Isn’t father always the first love of his daughters, at least so often said. Silence did not last long, the silence broke with tears that were shed on the cheeks. Sudiro gently stroked him, tightly holding his hand and kissing his daughter’s forehead. He probably hasn’t done it since he was a teenager.

“Your future is still long,” with a trembling voice and teary eyes. When diagnosed with kidney failure Ary was taking a second semester at the Medical Faculty of Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta.

The operation was successfully carried out, but it was just the beginning. Indeed, the cost of the graft is covered by health insurance, but the costs of preparation and other support needs are borne alone. Sudiro had to sell rice fields inherited from his parents to cover all these costs. Drugs that must be taken after the transplant are also not covered by insurance. To maintain the graft kidney, his daughter had to take drugs that were quite expensive for the family’s economy. What’s more at that time was a monetary crisis that caused the price of drugs to increase fivefold. The drug serves to reduce immunity so that Sudiro’s kidneys that have been installed in his daughter’s body do not experience rejection. And the most burdensome drug must be consumed for life.

Sudiro’s pension, which is only a low-ranking civil servant, does not meet all of his family’s needs. At that time her youngest child had just graduated from junior high school and was going to high school, it took a lot of money too. Even though it was still in the process of recovery after the kidney retrieval surgery, the man was persistent in seeking help. The father of six children was well aware that there was only one kidney in his body and still needed adjustment, doing heavy activities and fatigue should be avoided. But he ignored it, which struck his head when it was just how he could get medicine for his daughter.

By driving a flagship Honda GL 100 motorbike, without shame he went to foundations, churches, and other places that he considered able to extend assistance. Walk along the streets of Jogja, knocking one door to another. With a motorbike that can be said to be quite outdated in 1979, the first generation of Honda GL – but still strong and able to be relied upon to take on various fields, He struggled to find help. The iron horse also witnessed the rejection for the rejection he got. Pengharapan never disappeared, aid was finally obtained from a foundation but not even two years of assistance was stopped due to the foundation experiencing a financial crisis.

In the midst of the family’s economic crisis, Ary finally decided to quit college, a tough decision, his dream as a doctor had to disappear. After the transplant, his condition could not immediately recover, Ary had to go in and out of the hospital so many times that he could not continue his studies. Actually Sudiro had received a letter from the university stating his daughter was considered resigning because he had been inactive for more than two semesters. He deliberately did not tell the news for fear that his daughter would lose the spirit of life. When his daughter said to stop, that’s when Sudiro showed the letter. He also returned to seek help for his daughter. Back knocking door by door, writing to the embassy and benefactors. Sudiro again got a rejection for rejection but he never gave up.

December 5, 2005

The morning was very sunny, the sun shining through the curtains of the hospital ward window. Ary had to be rushed back to the hospital because his condition had declined. Since crocodile kidney life, Ary is indeed not normal. As a result of the consumption of immune-lowering drugs, he had to go back and forth to the hospital due to a sudden deterioration in his body condition.

But the morning was different from the other mornings when his daughter stayed in the hospital. That morning became so melancholy, like the same morning when Ary was diagnosed with kidney failure. With a soft and heavy voice, the doctor told his child to go back to dialysis. The news that slapped the hearts of all families. The results of the examination showed that he was attacked by the CMV virus. The virus is the highest cause of failed transplants and attacks patients due to low immunity. One group with TORCH and herpes, this virus cannot be treated but can only be put to sleep or made inactive. The attack that occurred at the end of November was the second attack which finally made Ary go back to dialysis.

Three months before Ary was rushed to the hospital, Sudiro’s wife had already been diagnosed with breast cancer. Removal of the right breast must be done to prevent the cancer from spreading, then continued with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The family economy was again shaken, and his two favorite people had to deal with drugs and prolonged illness. The bitter reality must be swallowed up by Sudiro.

Five years later his wife died of cancer that spread to the lungs. His youngest child has worked and migrated to Jakarta. Now Sudiro lives alone with his daughter. He grew older, but the spirit of caring for and protecting his daughter was still done. At the age of seven, he was still persistent in delivering his daughter to dialysis. Taking a distance of 25 kilometers using a motorbike to the hospital.

But age cannot be avoided. When he got older and could no longer spur the two iron horses, he decided to buy a new motorbike, a motorcycle that was lighter and easier to drive. He chose to buy a used motorbike, and the choice was only one, Honda. No more compromises. He just wants a Honda motorbike. For the generation of Sudiro, Honda is the only motorcycle that is trusted and so imprinted on the heart. Honda is a part of Astra that has a goal to prosper with the nation. In its corporate philosophy, Astra insists on being a property that is beneficial to the nation and state. Its presence in the community has a huge impact on better change.

The presence of Astra in the midst of Indonesian society since 1957 provides its own story for every individual who deals with their products. Like Sudiro, his loyalty to Honda was not without reason. He was more than half his age. He walked the streets with Honda. He is a health center employee who provides health education to the community. With his motorbike he visited families in remote villages and taught him how to live clean and healthy. He also drove his children to school to get a better education, and struggled to find help for the treatment of his daughter. Without the presence of Astra, he cannot do all that, his product has become an indispensable part of his life story. He had passed a lot of sorrow and the iron horse became a witness. They age together, and remain resilient to old age.

At the end of this year Sudiro decided to no longer ride a motorcycle. Next year he turns 80 and his children forbid him from going on his own motorbike. Ary was now very independent, Sudiro’s persistence spread to his daughter. Although the title of doctor has never been embedded in his name, he remains a doctor for those around him. Ary is active in the Young Kidney Life community, a community for kidney failure patients and families. Because of his experience he is considered a doctor and motivator by his friends. His journey inspired many people, fostered enthusiasm for those who had fallen as a result of kidney failure, and Sudiro was proud of his daughter’s achievements. He believes pain is not the end, but the beginning to find a way of life that will change many people. And with one kidney still in his body, Sudiro is still actively involved in community and church activities. For him age is only a number, the soul is still young.

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