The Busui Dilemma When Children Grow Teething

27 Mar

Two months ago I was so worried because my child did not yet grow teeth, even though the baby his age-even below him-had a lot of teeth popping up. Even though I’m worried, I always think positively and convince myself that each child’s growth is different. Every morning when cleaning my mouth, I must feel the gums and look for signs of tooth growth. Until one morning I felt something hard on his gums, yeah … it finally grew too. Even though when I grinned it didn’t appear yet, but I was happy abysmal.

Right now the teeth are four, each two above and below. His new hobby grinned showing teeth and biting his nipples while breastfeeding. I like my child’s teeth to increase, which means that the growth is good and according to age. But I am sad and difficult if he starts biting his nipples. I am fully aware that teething makes the child uncomfortable and makes him bite anything that enters the mouth such as toys, fingers, and nipples. And that is no reason to stop breastfeeding. Even though the nipples are hardy, they must fight to give breast milk. Let the tears run down from the origin of the milk that doesn’t stop pouring.

Biting the nipples is indeed a new preoccupation for my child. Actually, during breastfeeding, she will not be able to bite the nipple because with proper attachment and sucking movements, the baby will not bite. But usually my child starts biting the nipple after finishing breastfeeding. Sometimes crunching biting is sometimes just a small bite to play with. Every now and then I scream, grimace, and cry. Especially when he bit the nipples that have blisters, sore to the crown. That’s when I had to take off the nipples from his mouth. I put the little finger through the corner of his mouth and pressed the gum down. If the mother-in-law’s advice tells her to have her nose, the child will automatically open her mouth because she needs air, but how come I can’t bear it?

This is a new challenge for nursing mothers. The struggle gave breast milk a long time and small teeth continued to appear. Spread terror on gaping nipples full of wounds. but the big smile of the baby with the neat little white teeth will quickly wipe out terror and foster deeper love.

Continue to breastfeed until the child is two years old. And keep the spirit for nursing mothers. We can!

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